A simple - customizable - Discord Client !


We support themes ! You can add any theme from BetterDiscord, and even set up transparency with Glasstron !

Discord Client

This is a complete Discord Client. That means it has his own .exe and does not require the original Discord, plus it can't break when there's a new update.

Easy to use

Just download the installer from the Download page, launch it and that's it !

Why Lightcord ?

We wanted to do an official-looking client, but customizable and portable. That means you can install it, for example, on a USB stick. We also included BandagedBD, but with some changes. You can use themes and plugins this way.

100% Customizable

Lightcord includes BandagedBD. This way, you can use all the customization you were able with BetterDiscord. Like themes/plugins.


We wanted to make this client easy to use and secure. This way, you do not have to worry about things like, the security of your account/computer.

Lightcord scans plugins before executing them, searching for any threats.

Join Us Now

Below, you can download it, or join our Discord !